Cloud transformation through data migration


Blueprint developed a cloud architecture and led the migration of all the client’s disparate on-premises data sources and platforms to build a functional Modern Data Estate to unlock future ROI.

Our work

  • Data migration
  • Modern data estate
  • Advanced analytics
  • Azure data lake
  • Cloud data warehouse

The Problem

Our client, an upstream Oil and Gas company headquartered in the South-Central United States, needed a holistic view of their data. Enormous quantities of data from their Completions, Drilling, and Production arms was largely hosted on-premises in a very siloed structure, severely limiting their ability to productively use it for analysis. In addition, the data was being pulled from disparate sources and platforms, making over-arching business decision-making impossible.

The Blueprint way

As with all Blueprint solutions, we began by meeting with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that goals, expectations, and strategies were all aligned with the key business problems we were trying to solve. Once consensus was reached, we began the process of migrating their data sources to an Azure Data Lake, which fed into a Cloud Data Warehouse. The nature of this solution provides the opportunity for data scientists to use advanced analytics and AI in addition to allowing more general users to explore their data in a self-service BI scenario via tools like Power BI.


  • Consolidated ETL tools responsible for loading their data estate from 4 tools down to a single tool.
  • Created over 40 data acquisition pipelines for ingesting data from many disparate sources located both on-premises and elsewhere.
  • Loaded hundreds of gigabytes of data into a data lake, allowing the client to perform analysis in ways and at a scale that was not previously possible.
  • Integrated 21 entities of data from 7 different sources into the client’s data estate within 3 months, furthering the client’s ability to see all of their data in one place.

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