Cloud customer onboarding center


Blueprint built a dedicated team of technical onboarding experts that manages the deployment of cloud productivity services to the client’s entire customer organization that drives improved usage, retention, and loyalty.

Our work

  • Support engineering
  • Virtual team infrastructure

The Problem

A global technology, software, and services company was experiencing challenges in adoption and deployment of its suite of cloud-based productivity tools after the customer had purchased it. The number of deployed seats and associated revenue lagged expectations and projections. They sought to outsource the execution and operation of a portion of their onboarding center, with engineers to act on their behalf with new cloud customers, and needed an aggressive plan to increase adoption of the additional tools in the suite.

The Blueprint way

Blueprint built a dedicated team of technical onboarding experts that manages the deployment of cloud productivity services to the entire customer organization, driving improved usage, retention, and loyalty. The program focuses on proactively engaging customers, getting them deployed rapidly (within days) and using the full feature set by providing guidance in four areas: Assess, Remediate, Enable, and Migrate. The team includes Onboarding Engineers and Managers using specialized onboarding guidance, documentation, and tools in a distributed infrastructure in two cities: Charlotte, NC and Las Colinas, TX. The distributed approach enables a broader source of technical resources and a more fluid coverage model for US time zones. PODS that include a Client Manager resourced with 30 Blueprint Migration Engineers are distributed across virtual sites, underpinned with Blueprint training, quality, and reporting capabilities in each location. 


  • Launched new onboarding capabilities within 6 weeks of award of the contract in 2 target cities with 60 engineers hired and trained.
  • Established an integrated capability for delivery, tracking, and consistent reporting to client delivery managers and executives.
  • 1,823 customers completed onboarding in the first fiscal year, bringing over 2.6 million new seats to the cloud service.
  • Exceeded goals for active products per license by 120% in the first quarter of activity.
  • Team continues to hit and exceed NSAT and AU KPIs established by the client, including multiple perfect scores.

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