Centralized data is key to business success


Blueprint created a centralized database and custom inventory system for a Seattle-based health and nutrition company allowing them to streamline business operations, automate manual processes, launch new products and manage associated marketing campaigns. Microsoft’s collaboration ecosystem of SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, PowerApps, Power Automate, Planner, OneDrive and Groups was the perfect vehicle to make this happen.

Our work

The Problem

A Seattle-based health and nutrition company grew very quickly over a very short amount of time. The company was using a lot of programs that didn’t work well together and were having problems keeping track of product. The company needed help centralizing and managing its product information. To date, things had been done between teams manually in different programs with emails and spreadsheet that included a lot of back and forth resulting in items running out of stock, inventory not being accurate and team members not being able to accurately respond to customer requests.

The Blueprint Way

Blueprint was able to step in and quickly help the company come up with a master product list to centralize its data that included SKUs, vendors and all information connected to each product. Microsoft PowerApps was used to create a number of canvas apps for the company that included a Launch Calendar that would automatically send an Outlook email to stakeholders of a product launch for any status update. It also included a marketing campaign management system along with a communication system for out-of-stock issues within the company that would automatically notify key stakeholders of any important product updates and issues. This backend was built in SharePoint and allowed for real-time access and trackability.


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