Automated SMS reporting leads to productive sales teams for major bottler

Operating across more than 10 states with over 7,200 associates, this major US bottler encountered a challenge: salespeople were struggling to effectively utilize analytics in their current system. Blueprint provided a tailored solution that redefines how sales teams access and engage with vital information through automated SMS reports. This customized approach incorporates Power Automate, Power BI, and Twilio to streamline data-driven alerts and enhance managerial efficiency.

Client Snapshot


Beverage distribution company




CSO, Sales management and teams

Technology and software:

Power BI, Power Automate, Twilio

Work Summary

What we did:

Create a system of automatic and customizable SMS texts reports that deliver directly to salespeople’s phones.


Empowered managers to oversee messaging to salespeople and swiftly communicate essential information. Established a user-friendly method for salespeople to access analytics and details while on the move, ensuring they receive the necessary reports.

Client background

Our client is a renowned beverage distribution company that operates globally. It is a major player in the non-alcoholic beverage industry, with a focus on manufacturing, marketing, and distributing a diverse range of popular soft drinks. The company has established itself as a key player in the market, contributing significantly to the availability and accessibility of various beverages across different regions. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, our client has built a strong reputation for delivering refreshing and iconic beverages without compromise. Their wide-scale reach includes over 7,200 associates operating in more than 10 states across the Unites States.

The challenge

Our client identified a gap in their sales team’s engagement with analytics and reports within the existing system. Salespeople faced difficulties in dedicating time to navigate the platform and what specifically they needed to focus on. Given their extensive fieldwork, salespeople often lacked the time and technical expertise to effectively use Power BI. This resulted in managers inefficiently dedicating time to reports that ultimately went unused.

The Blueprint Way





The Blueprint team initiated the process by engaging with the Director of Marketing and Analytics to identify what key information was needed for our client’s sales reps. Our team understood the specific context that salespeople need to ensure a clear and effective message. They then continued their discovery process to dive into the business strategy and seek out an optimal solution.


Next, Blueprint initiated the building phase, beginning with an examination of Power Automate and its bundled templates. The team found these templates proved impractical due to the uniqueness of each situation, requiring additional information for customization. To overcome this, Blueprint leveraged Power Automate Flows embedded within Power BI reports to initiate the reappearance process and generate a data-driven alert. Now, whenever a report undergoes an update, individuals receive notifications facilitated by a third-party tool.


Among the many programmable communication tools available, Blueprint opted for continuity by selecting Twilio, a tool already in use by the client. The entire process, from the manager to the salesperson, unfolds as follows: The manager receives the daily updated report, triggering a data-driven alert. The flow seamlessly transitions to Twilio, which disseminates dynamic content to each salesperson based on the figures supplied by the manager. See below:

Sales report is sent to manager

Key stats extracted for SMS

Customized SMS sent to salesperson


Created a platform for sales teams to interact with data in a user-friendly and non-technical way.

Empowers salespeople to prioritize customers over technical intricacies.

Established a real-time feedback platform for enhanced learning, where immediate responses boost salesperson development by highlighting areas for improvement or commendation.

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