Case Studies

Problem solving at its best.

Case Study

Legacy data migration with a custom data factory

Building a data factory to enable analysis of terabytes of legacy data

Case Study

Supply chain monitoring and predictive analytics

Connecting disparate systems for end-to-end supply chain management

Case Study

Customer experience command center

Addressing customer service issues before they happen

Case Study

Field reporting automation with Power Apps

Time and location reporting simplified and modernized

Case Study

Cloud customer onboarding center

Increasing product adoption and customer satisfaction with virtual support

Case Study

Inventory accuracy and sales prediction​

AI and advanced analytics enhancing inventory management

Case Study

Cloud transformation through data migration

Building a single tool to ingest data and eliminate disparate data issues

Case Study

Multilingual Customer Support at a Global Scale

Quality and scalable customer support for a worldwide digital community

Case Study

Virtualizing scalable customer service

Enhancing customer support at scale

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