Brand Assets

Download the Full Media Kit

A zip package of logos, favicons, and colors.

Blueprint Logo

The wordmark should only appear in blue, black or white. The wordmark should only appear in green on top of blue or black. Maintain contrast, use common sense.

Download: PNG  |  SVG

Download: PNG  |  SVG


These are our main brand colors. Outside of these two colors, there will be campaigns that employ other colors – however these are only colors used for logo application.

Blueprint Primary Blue
RGB: 31, 48, 200
HEX: #1F30C8
CMYK: 85, 76, 0, 22

Blueprint Primary Green
RGB: 206, 255, 76
CMYK: 85, 76, 0, 22

Brand Badge

Our brand badge is available for use to partners and customers who want an easy-to-use Blueprint logo in a square format.

Download: JPG  |  SVG


The favicon appears in usages below 100px x 100px. Use the parallelogram favicon in small applications. Examples: social icons, site favicon, etc.

Download: SVG  |  ICO

Download: SVG  |  ICO