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Why I Participate in Interop ITX

April 23 2018 | Leadership

With the advent of the Digital Age, some pundits opined that physical events would disappear. This perception was driven by one question: Why indeed would people travel far and exhaust important resources to get content they can find digitally?  

As with so much punditry, the prediction was wrong; more than that, it was wrong-headed. It’s okay to make a prediction—based on sound assumptions—that turns out to be incorrect; it’s not, however, sensible to base predictions on simplistic notions that prove to be axiomatically false. The latter is the case with anyone who believes that physical events are about nothing more than one-way content ingestion. 

In fact, events are about what I call “the three C’s: Community, Content, and Commerce.” The order is important. Events are points of coalescence where communities of purpose and practice are forged and nurtured.  They are also focal areas for learning as people absorb content together, discuss it, and gain nuanced and non-linear understanding through this process of dialogue. Finally, they drive business—not necessarily directly, but through the process of engagement.

Viewing physical events through this prism helps make it clear that they are not monochromatic. 

For those involved in the intersection of Business and Technology, InteropITX is just such a point for the Three C’s. As a member of the Business Technology community, I consider this event a necessary part of my schedule; there, I always meet incredible people and learn new things about the dynamic world of IT and how it affects the world of Business.  

This year, I’m very happy to host a panel with my colleague Danielle Funston of Blueprint Technologies. In this panel, we’ll discuss the importance of Data in Business and how, in fact, the right view of Data can harmonize Business and IT teams. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

More about Romi - Romi Mahajan is a seasoned marketer, strategist, and technologist with over 20 years of experience. During his career, he spent 10 years at Microsoft, was the first CMO at award-winning agency Ascentium, and has had Advisory and Operating roles in over 30 startups. As an author, investor, and marketer, Romi has spent the bulk of his career helping companies harmonize Business and IT as they transform themselves for growth. Romi currently serves as one of Blueprint Consulting's newest Directors, which was recently ranked by Consulting Magazine as the #1 Fastest Growing Firm for 2017. Connect with Romi on Twitter or LinkedIn

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