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By the Blueprint Team

Best-in-class data storage

The data-driven world that business operates in requires efficient, scalable, and reliable data storage solutions. Databricks, a pioneer in the field of lakehouse architecture, has become the gold standard for modern data warehousing with their Delta Lake solution. New data lake formats like Hudi and Iceberg have entered the market, but the continued success of the lakehouse architecture serves as a testament to its effectiveness.

Bronze, Silver, Gold data management

The lakehouse architecture combines the best of both data lakes and data warehouses, providing a unified platform for storage, management, and analytics. The architecture offers the flexibility of data lakes, the performance of data warehouses, and cloud-scale storage capabilities, making it the ideal choice for modern data warehousing.

Databricks’ Delta Lake uses medallion architecture—Bronze, Silver, and Gold—to manage data throughout its lifecycle. This tiered approach ensures data is cleaned, refined, and optimized for analysis, allowing businesses to derive actionable insights from their data.

The Bronze, Silver, and Gold lakehouse architecture is further enhanced by the ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) data ingestion pattern. This modern style of data processing is a perfect fit for the lakehouse architecture, as it enables businesses to efficiently process large volumes of data while maintaining high levels of performance and flexibility.

Unlike the traditional ETL method, which requires data to be transformed before loading it into the storage system, the medallion architecture involves loading raw data directly into the Bronze layer. This initial stage allows for greater scalability and parallelism in ingesting data, as the transformation step is deferred to a later stage.

Once the raw data is loaded, data is incrementally transformed and enriched according to business requirements within the Silver layer. This step is crucial for cleaning, deduplicating, and ensuring data quality before it becomes available for analysis. By performing transformations within the lakehouse, businesses can leverage the full power of cloud-based storage and compute resources, resulting in faster and more efficient data processing. The Gold layer then serves as the curated data store where refined, aggregated, and optimized data sets are made available for analysis and reporting.

A complete data warehousing platform

Each of the data lifecycle stages are supported by Delta. It’s become the top choice for businesses seeking a powerful and scalable data lakehouse solution. No modern data warehousing platform can be considered complete without the following features:

ACID transaction management

Delta Lake provides robust ACID compliance, ensuring data integrity and consistency across multiple transactions.

Time travel:

Delta Lake’s time travel feature allows users to access previous snapshots of their data, enabling them to restore and analyze historical data with ease.

Schema enforcement:

Delta Lake ensures data quality by automatically enforcing schema rules, preventing corrupt or inconsistent data from entering the system.

Streaming and batch ingestion:

Delta Lake supports both streaming and batch data ingestion, allowing businesses to process and analyze data in real-time or in batches, depending on their needs. 

Read and write consistency:

Delta Lake guarantees consistency for both read and write operations, ensuring accurate and reliable data access.

Storage efficient format:

Delta Lake leverages the Parquet file format for storage efficiency, optimizing data compression and query performance.

Growing community:

The Delta Lake ecosystem is supported by an ever-growing community of developers, data scientists, and industry experts, open-source projects, and data sharing protocols that ensure continuous improvement and innovation.

Migrating with Blueprint

Legacy data warehouses can be a significant investment when accounting for vendor maintenance and specialized labor, despite being unable to scale efficiently to today’s analytical, data science, streaming-ingestion, and data engineering workloads. With the proven success of the lakehouse approach, now is the time for enterprise data leaders to consider upgrading to Databricks’ Delta Lakehouse architecture to utilize its robust feature sets.

Blueprint has invested in the development of on-premises and cloud data warehouse migration platform that can radically accelerate the migration process and preserve your organization’s invaluable business logic. Blueprint’s migration accelerators deliver a dramatic increase in time-to-value, enabling you to sunset and decommission your legacy data warehouse platform much more rapidly than with traditional migration methods.

Our accelerated approach to data warehouse conversions is compatible with a wide range of data warehouse and integration platforms, making it a versatile solution for your migration needs. Popular source platforms supported by our migration accelerators include Snowflake, Teradata, Oracle, SSIS, SQL Server, and Informatica PowerCenter.

Blueprint is here to guide you through a seamless migration to Databricks’ Delta Lakehouse architecture, ensuring your organization’s hard-earned business logic and data expertise are preserved while unlocking the full potential of modern data warehousing.

Embrace the future of data warehousing

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