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The Barstool Reverie

May 31 2017 | Uncategorized

​The barstool even looks like an island. It stands alone, together with its’ siblings, in a row then around a bend like an archipelago.

The barstool even looks like an island. It stands alone, together with its’ siblings, in a row then around a bend like an archipelago. The barstool is a stationary vehicle. Climb on up and find yourself sliding away from the morning’s status meeting and escaping the oncoming pressure of the evening business. You are safely alone among your fellow travelers. Atop a barstool, you sit unjudged; permitted to un-focus your concentration, allowed to wander freely. Bonus: your favorite drink is a short sentence away. 

What possible productivity could be reached from such a cliché seat of procrastination?

Let’s be mindful of a few things; One, we’ll admit the contemporary world of business and technology is as high-strung and intense as ever. Second, we’ll concede that those who work with diligence and grit are the likeliest of us to reach their goals. Third, happiness is not an outcome, it is a state of being.

Wait, what? I thought we were on a barstool. What does business, technology, hard work, and happiness have to do with our padded beer post?

In a word, meditation. Perhaps the internet has made you aware of those hip articles on the practice and benefits of Mindfulness? If not, mindfulness is the mental state of being conscious of the moment. It is a form of mediation. It shuts out before and after, focusing on now. The go-getter business person constructs a day where Now is hard to find. Attention is given to learning from the past, to preparing for the future, to staying up, on trends or at night.

Stop for a minute. Relax your eyes. Order that drink and sit unjudged. It’s ok to use your business weapon training here too. Go ahead, be focused and intentional, just as that business and technology article instructed. Be intentional in letting go. Sit and be nowhere, let your mind wander, you never know where it will go. Think of nothing on purpose and follow whichever thread finds grip. Inspiration in the next sip. That neck knot finally releases, symbol of your grit and diligence. What good is working toward the wrong goal? The barstool is here to help realign priorities, to bolster your to-dos with relaxed assurances, or to bite back against them with clarity like that water glass.

The last sip. Go ahead and pay up, the value far exceeds the cost. Consider departing your barstool, but before you do be mindful of your progress. Write that idea down before unseating. Re-catalog the to-dos with that water glass lens. Be free, return to your business and technology grind with more awareness, more happiness. Thanks barstool. It was a good ride. Pick up your diligence and grit, found hanging like a jacket by the door.

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