Revolutionizing data governance with Databricks Unity Catalog

By the Blueprint Team

Why Now is the Time to Embrace Unity Catalog

Data is the cornerstone of digital transformation, and ensuring its governance, security, and accessibility is paramount to every enterprise.  

Enter Databricks Unity Catalog—the industry’s sole unified solution for data and AI governance across a multitude of cloud environments and data platforms. Since its inception, Unity Catalog has been impressing users with its core metadata, governance, security, and auditing features.  

The recent announcement of a suite of new capabilities at this year’s Data and AI Summit makes this leap even more compelling.

Unity Catalog new features and capabilities:


LakehouseIQ, enhanced by Unity Catalog, revolutionizes your interaction with enterprise data. Standard Large Language Models (LLMs) often falter when faced with the uniqueness of every business’s datasets, jargon, and knowledge base. Recognizing these challenges, LakehouseIQ steps in as a first-of-its-kind knowledge engine that adapts to your business’s specific nuances and data intricacies. Beyond just being an AI assistant, LakehouseIQ enables all employees to search, understand, and query data using natural language. It leverages data usage patterns and organizational chart information to enhance understanding of your unique data landscape, delivering precise and insightful results. The power of LakehouseIQ lies in its ability to utilize the Databricks Lakehouse platform fully, pulling signals from Unity Catalog, dashboards, notebooks, data pipelines, and docs. This allows it to build highly accurate, specialized models tailored for your enterprise. LakehouseIQ, with Unity Catalog, thus provides a customized, AI-powered solution that truly understands and adapts to your business data environment. 

Lakehouse Federation

With Unity Catalog, govern, discover, and query your data no matter where it resides. It supports a wide range of platforms including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Azure SQL Database, Azure Synapse, Google BigQuery, and more.

Feature Store and Model Registry

Unity Catalog introduces a unified approach to data and ML asset management. With full visibility and fine-grained access controls, it enhances MLOps and productivity by providing automatic versioning, lineage tracking, and centralized governance.


Unity Catalog also covers non-tabular data. With Volumes, manage, govern, and track lineage for data irrespective of its format—be it structured, semi-structured, or unstructured.

AI for Governance

Unity Catalog leverages AI to streamline governance workflows. From monitoring data and AI assets’ quality to providing system tables and dashboards for lakehouse observability, it has everything covered.

Data Governance

Enhance security with row filtering and column masking, and enrich data with classification tags, ensuring fine-grained access controls and data enrichment. 

The Blueprint for Your Data Journey: Embrace Unity Catalog Now

Seize the opportunity to get ahead in your digital transformation journey by upgrading to Unity Catalog now. As a Databricks Partner, Blueprint is uniquely positioned to help you make this transition smoothly and swiftly. Our deep understanding of the Databricks Delta Lakehouse model coupled with our prowess in data engineering and data science makes us the perfect partner for your transition to Unity Catalog.  

 Join hands with Blueprint, and let us help you unlock the full potential of your data, drive productivity, and enhance regulatory compliance with Unity Catalog. 

It's time to upgrade your Databricks environment.

Start reaping the benefits of the Unity Catalog superstructure!

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