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Enter Databricks Unity Catalog—the industry’s sole unified solution for data and AI governance across a multitude of cloud environments and data platforms.
One of Delta Lake’s significant strengths is its simplicity. It seamlessly integrates your ETL processes, data warehousing, and machine learning tasks within your Lakehouse, simplifying operations and enhancing efficiency.
In 2022, federal privacy legislation in the U.S. did not pass, resulting in a complex privacy landscape in 2023. Blueprint’s privacy program assessments offer a roadmap for success in navigating evolving regulations.
Many organizations have turned to Databricks and Snowflake, while both platforms have their strengths, we believe that using Databricks for data engineering and data warehousing offers several key advantages over Snowflake.
Databricks’ ability to process, store, clean, share, analyze, model, and monetize datasets provides myriad benefits for businesses. A lesser discussed benefit is how its structure and capabilities innately support companies’ data protection and privacy obligations.
The cybersecurity world is moving towards a zero trust philosophy, maintaining vigilance through continuous questioning and validation. Why aren’t we doing the same with cloud migrations?
As a data intelligence company, Blueprint is committed to delivering the right data to the right person, at the right moment.
The start of 2023 saw lots of movement on U.S. state privacy— and another major fine for Meta out of the EU. Less frenzied than years past, but there are still important takeaways from Q1 and lots to look forward to.

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