Evaluating Privacy Tech Vendors

Join us for apresentation that presents a practical approach to cut through the noise and make well-informed decisions while avoiding the allure of fancy pitches and overly optimistic promises.

Data Sharing & MarketPlace

Join us for an enlightening webinar where we will explore the power of Delta Sharing, an innovative solution that enables data sharing in a seamless, monetized, and secure manner.

Engineering Privacy

Join us to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to strike the right balance between privacy investments and business outcomes and make informed decisions to drive ROI and minimize privacy risks.

Unified AI/ML on Databricks​

Streamline the end-to-end data science workflow — from data prep to modeling to sharing insights — with a collaborative and unified data science environment built on an open lakehouse foundation.

Data Insights Workshop - Precisely and Blueprint

Data Insights Workshop

Join our workshop to see how our data scientists and Precisely can enrich business data to identify and rank potential storefronts in a simulated business scenario.