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Introducing RealTalk, Our Next Product

April 01 2018 | Product

BELLEVUE, WA., -- Blueprint Technologies, a nationwide technology solutions firm that specializes in helping companies accelerate their success through digital transformation, is proud to announce the private preview of RealTalk, a plugin for Outlook that helps companies use email more efficiently.

In his recent article for Inc. magazine, Ryan Neal, president and co-founder of Blueprint Technologies, spoke of the issue that RealTalk addresses: 

"In my opinion, the advent of email has drastically reduced our interpersonal communication skills as a society. It has relegated both introverts and extroverts to hours in front of a screen each day. The amount of email has become so massive that Microsoft Outlook created a clutter email category in addition to its junk email category to help people manage the insane volume." 

Leveraging artificial intelligence and drones, RealTalk helps you move beyond email. Learn more about the RealTalk plugin at http://realtalkplugin.bpcs.com.

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