How pride fuels engagement in the workplace

By the Blueprint Team

With pride, comes great responsibility.

To be truly proud of something you must have something you’re passionate about evangelizing, sharing, and even defending. At Blueprint Consulting Services, we’ve declared our core values around building something that all employees should be proud to be a part of and feel accountable contributing to. A place where individuals at every stage in their career have a clear purpose and the opportunity to make a significant impact.

What does it look like to be truly proud of where you work?

I recently heard an employee share the details of her experience in preparing to interview with leadership for a new role. She shared how her partner watched her spend hours at a time thoughtfully considering her presentation and her vision for how she would best impact the team. Her partner equated it to preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. Hours of preparation to feast in a short, 15 minutes. In her presentation, she beamed about how enthusiastic she was to simply share her ideas because she was already overjoyed about how she would contribute to success and growth of the teams and peers around her. Around her. Nothing about her personal gain. Blew my mind. Talk about being proud of where you work. Having so much purpose, ownership and pride in the organization you’re part of that you are filled by the opportunity to make it even better.

Accomplishments worth being proud of takes a lot of hard work and extreme ownership. Employees also need to feel that what they’re dedicating enormous amounts of effort to is making a real difference. A key part of a highly productive and results focused culture is recognition in every corner of the business. At Blueprint, we strongly believe in starting the week off right with a Monday morning stand up meeting where we not only share important areas of focus for the week, but more importantly, also take a moment where each of us individually recognizes someone else in the company for how they’ve made a positive impact over the past week. This simple act of gratitude paired with recognizing someone else’s contributions truly fuels the hard work we all know is ahead of us. We feel supported. Valued. Purposeful. Connected. As the meeting ends, we don’t rush back to our offices or workstations to hide behind our computers for the day – we engage with each other and attack challenges and tasks together collaboratively.

At Blueprint, we challenge each other and welcome new perspectives. When things get really tough, we’re a team that draws in to each other rather than retreating or feeling defeated. Leaders in our organization recognize the importance of one-on-one recognition and coaching of employees during particularly critical and challenging times to re-inspire around the strategic vision and the bigger picture we’re all part of. It keeps us all focused on goals and optimistic about our ability to get there because we’ve got the most amazing team supporting us at every stage.

Being empowered to drive change and truly own our impact on those around us and the organization is what really establishes pride at Blueprint. We all contribute to building and improving a workplace that actually changes peoples’ lives. We challenge and walk the journey alongside both employees and our clients to be better tomorrow than we are today. It’s hard not be proud of that and as that pride spills over, it’s simply impossible not to express gratitude for those around us who are making it all possible.VIEW ALL POSTS

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