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Driving Passion and Purpose Through Self-Reflection

November 30 2017 | Mindfulness, Leadership

When I made the commitment to serve our great country as a leader in the United States Army, I took the Oath of Office.  In that oath I swore to, […] “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion." 

As I have entered the next season of my life outside of the military, I have continued to uphold this oath.  How is this oath and leadership experience connected to the core values of Blueprint Consulting Services (BPCS) and why does this matter?

There are four BPCS core values: to be accountable, make a positive impact, create the next big thing, and have superior execution every time.  The leaders in our company are expected to bring out the best in others, with these values at the center of everything we do.

My commitment as a leader within BPCS is to help build a team of doers, grinders, strategists, and team members who strive to make a positive impact in their community and beyond.  Feeling emotionally and mentally connected to the core values of a company or organization is critical to remaining both passionate and excited about daily tasks and the broader mission.  One mechanism to achieve this emotional and mental connection is to know and understand your vision, values, and principles.  Where do we start?

Reflect upon the following questions: who are you, what do you believe in, and what actions are you taking to achieve success and make a positive impact?  As I think about my life and work experiences there are three pillars that lead my answers to these questions: my vision, values, and principles.  My values shape the inner convictions of my decision making.  My vision provides me with a holistic understanding of my self-awareness and my principles guide me in responding to events, opportunities, and experiences with consistency and effectiveness. 

If leaders are unable to adhere to their core tenets, they will lose their way during a personal crisis or professional turmoil.  Understanding this, I have taken time to put on paper my vision, values, and principles that define how I lead and make decisions. 


Loyalty: It means having ones back in all circumstances.

Trust: Built through relationship growth.

Love: This is both brotherly and unconditional.

Service: A mindset of placing others before yourself.   

Sacrifice: Giving up something now because you know it will benefit you greatly in the long term.    

Discipline: Knowing when to say no.  Staying true to your purpose, cause, and beliefs.  To master a process, you must have discipline.

Compassion:  Seeking kindness, justice, and righteousness. Helping people in need.


I am committed, in both my personal and professional life, to instilling the values of a servant-leader and to sustaining a growth-mindset, which will result in a culture of innovation, continuous learning, and process improvement. 


Principle of Progression: To overcome adversity, learn from failures, remain patient, and act with confidence, courage, and hope.   

There are many other principles that I hold dear but this is the one that sets the tone for me.

My vision, values and principles have a mental and emotional connection with the BPCS core values.  This empowers me to remain on a path of forward accountability in both the daily tasks of the company I work for as well as in my personal life. 

By putting your vision, values, and principles down on paper you will feel empowered to lead with passion and purpose in your company and personal life.  Placing them at the center of your life, they work to guide you in determining what actions you can take to impact the community, marketplace, and workplace.  

When you find that your vision, values, and principles lead you to being passionate for the youth, go volunteer at your local boys and girls club.  If your passion is to find a cure for cancer, form or join a non-profit organization. 

These are the kind of leadership experiences that will shape and strengthen the vision, values, and principles that will drive the passion and purpose in your life!

Jared leads teams on multiple engagements focusing on compliance, operations process improvement, and the coaching and professional development of team members.  Before joining BPCS Jared was the Chief Operations Member of a frozen yogurt, ice cream, bubble tea, and smoothie company.  He is an active board member of two 501(c)3 non-profit foundations and served in the US Army from 2010 – 2014 where he deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. 




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