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April Fools Day Tech Roundup

April 06 2018 | Uncategorized

From Blueprint Labs going to Mars to walk-up Movie Theaters at Redbox, this year's April Fools gave many a reason to laugh!

Did you plan in advance for April Fools this year, or were you caught off guard like the rest of us? Check out our top 8 favorite April Fool's Day pranks from across companies (including our own!):

  1. Blueprint Labs Expands to Mars
  2. Google Maps lets you find Waldo
  3. Google Cloud's Hummus API Matches you with the Perfect Hummus
  4. Blueprint Introduces RealTalk our Next Product
  5. TMobile is Bringing Back Sidekicks
  6. Snapchat's Russian Facebook Filter
  7. The Jabra Speaker Sneakers
  8. Redbox's Walk-Up Movie Theater

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