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A Taste of Conduit 1.5

August 21 2019 | Conduit, Product

When we step back and examine the data virtualization landscape objectively, we ask three questions of each product:

  1. Does it provide strong and flexible security?
  2. Does it reduce data management overhead (i.e. smaller footprint, faster access, etc. than traditional warehousing and pipelines)?
  3. Does it exceed performance expectations at enterprise scale?

We are constantly asking these questions of Conduit, striving to answer these questions better than any other product in the market. With our upcoming release, we focused strongly on question three, driving better performance at greater scale than ever before.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll get in Conduit v1.5:

  • Minimized impact to source data from queries  
  • Faster queries for higher volumes of data
  • Better performance with flat file sources

Contact us below for a demo and free trial now, and follow us for more detail about all these exciting updates.

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