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Acting as a bridge between human language and technical languages like SQL and Python, LLMs democratize data, enabling individuals less inclined towards technical aspects to perform complex data analysis.
There is no single way to organize your Unity Catalog that will fit every organization. But there is one guiding principle that should guide that organization. Each metastore is a menu of data you can select.
Introducing Blueprint’s Databricks Brickbuilder Accelerator, the 2-week Greenfield Lakehouse Quickstart empowering new Databricks customers to unlock the platform’s full potential rapidly.
A practical walk through in how your organization can migrate to UC efficiently.
In 2022, federal privacy legislation in the U.S. did not pass, resulting in a complex privacy landscape in 2023. Blueprint’s privacy program assessments offer a roadmap for success in navigating evolving regulations.
The world of generative AI continues to evolve, becoming ever more accessible for people from areas of an organization. The latest milestone in this journey is the English SDK for Apache Spark, also known as PySpark-AI, that Databricks announced at the 2023 Data + AI Summit.
Most companies today would cite their data as one of their most important assets — and personal data (or personal information) as its foremost asset as companies gain greater abilities to leverage it to understand consumers, create efficiencies and drive revenue.
Enter Databricks Unity Catalog—the industry’s sole unified solution for data and AI governance across a multitude of cloud environments and data platforms.

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