You shouldn't have to move your data to use it.

You spoke. We listened.

Based on popular demand and customer feedback, we’re now offering our no-code/low-code data virtualization platform (formerly Conduit) as standalone tools to help you accelerate data ingestion and migration, data querying, data cataloging and data sharing functions. Our data virtualization accelerators are designed to speed your data warehousing, lakehouse implementations and migrations, and data integrations so you can extract actionable insights to speed decision-making and business value.

Connect your data, query it, and share it—as you need it

Blueprint Data Loader Accelerator

Data Loader

Quickly and securely connect, ingest and migrate data into your lakehouse from disparate sources and formats—cloud, on-prem, or hybrid. Combine and normalize data in a temporary virtual space, removing the need to make copies of data for each use.

Datalake Query Editor

Real-time access to query data from any cloud, on-prem, or hybrid environment. Using optimized RAPIDs GPU and Spark CPU engines, process 15 million records in less than 100 milliseconds.
Blueprint Data Catalog

Data Catalog

A common data model for a unified, transparent view of your data ecosystem from data lakes on any cloud, on-prem, or hybrid environment with automated and granular lineage for all workloads and asset types.

Blueprint Data Sharing

Data Sharing Portal

Securely share data with users and other organizations regardless of computing platform (i.e., Power BI, Spark, Tableau), with real-time access and scheduled delivery, via a white-labeled portal.

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