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Customers and Airlines

Traveling home from LAX to Missoula, Montana, and reminded once again of how little that the vast majority of US Airlines care about the customer experience. And observing the absolute havoc the airlines have created a few years ago when, in the midst of the recession, they began to charge for everything from change fees • Read More »

New Churn Metrics

Churn matters. A lot. Blueprint’s CX framework helps companies measure churn but more importantly, understand why customers leave.

The Magical Influence of Chocolate Cell Phones

My job as the supportability program manager in online consumer services was to make it easier for Microsoft’s mammoth customer service organization to support my products (online services like Hotmail). At the time, Hotmail – which had about 400 million active users – was supported by several hundred outsourced customer service reps operating at nine • Read More »

Customers Are Alike All Over…Right?

The most interesting thing to happen in March was a fascinating opportunity to do some work in the Middle East, helping a large company define its customer service strategy. I won’t go into a ton of specific details, as we’re early in the experience, but I wanted to share a couple of insights. 1. You can’t help • Read More »

Most Enjoyable Consulting Challenge So Far

I had the opportunity to contribute to the “Beyond NPS” research for iiNet, Australia’s second largest ISP. It was just a few hours of research, and a few hours of conversations, but I’m really proud that my expertise and insight made it into the final product that iiNet will be using to drive their customer loyalty • Read More »