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Tech Industry Turnover: How You Can Change It

  It’s difficult to argue that there’s a faster-growing industry than technology. It also makes sense. Technology, by definition, is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. We live in a world in which knowledge is power; we’re inundated with information daily from our smartphones, social media, podcasts and television, all of which are • Read More »

Blueprint Earns Accolades From Local and National Publications

  BELLEVUE, WA., (AUGUST 29, 2017) – – Blueprint Consulting Services, a nationwide full-service consulting firm, has been named to Inc. 500’s 2017 Fastest-Growing Private Companies list and Puget Sound Business Journal’s 2017 Eastside 50 Fastest-Growing Private Companies list. The journal placed Blueprint as the fourth-largest fastest-growing private company for 2017. The organization previously earned • Read More »

The Client’s User Experience

User Experience (UX) design is often conflagrated with interface design and visual or graphic design. Where are Product design and Customer Experience in this Venn diagram of design? To most folks who are not designers, these distinctions are not needed in practical terms; as long as the end product looks good and does the job • Read More »

What Is Change Fatigue and How To Avoid It

More often than not, we either talk about change in a positive light (change as a needed organizational behavior in a fast and competitive market) or we talk about the means to enable change and get the best results from change management. Rarely do we speak about the other side of change, that is, Change Fatigue or • Read More »

Working from Home: Behind the Scenes

In a continually digital world, more people are taking part in the “work from home” movement. While there is great appeal to the work life balance of working remotely, it is not for everyone.  It has its own benefits, challenges, and intricacies that are different than physically being in the office. I have been primarily • Read More »

Blueprint Consulting Services Promotes Chris Carter to Managing Director of Technology

BELLEVUE, WA., (JUNE 8, 2017) – – Blueprint Consulting Services, a nationwide full-service consulting firm, announced the promotion of Chris Carter to Managing Director of Technology. Chris will have the primary responsibility of determining the technical direction of the company, defining its solutions, driving quality assurance and supporting client development throughout the entire organization. As • Read More »

Agile Foundations

In February of 2001, a group of seventeen well intentioned individuals got together to create the Agile Manifesto which has forever changed the world of software development.  The Manifesto and the 12 Principles behind it have touched everyone I know in the business world and especially software developers and engineers.  The application of The Agile • Read More »

The Barstool Reverie

The barstool even looks like an island. It stands alone, together with its’ siblings, in a row then around a bend like an archipelago. The barstool is a stationary vehicle. Climb on up and find yourself sliding away from the morning’s status meeting and escaping the oncoming pressure of the evening business. You are safely • Read More »

The Business Case For Apache Beam

You’ve just learned about a new streaming data processing technology that would solve many of the technical challenges you are experiencing within your organization today. Unfortunately, it would require significant time and budget to integrate and operationalize within your current solution. Enter Apache Beam. According to the main website, “Apache Beam provides an advanced unified programming • Read More »

Blueprint Consulting Services Promotes Robert Heintz to Managing Director

 BELLEVUE, WA., (MAY 3, 2017) – – Blueprint Consulting Services, a nationwide technical consulting firm that specializes in connecting strategy and delivery, recently announced the promotion of Robert Heintz as Managing Director. Robert Heintz was promoted to Managing Director of Solution Delivery. Heintz brings over a decade in senior oversight in the fields of technology • Read More »