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How Blueprint Thinks Differently

At Blueprint, we are about creating the next big thing.  We work with our clients and their businesses to decide what technologies they can derive tangible value from. There are many initiatives going on at Blueprint to help our clients realize the benefits of delivering both the strategy and finished product or process.  In my • Read More »

The Client’s User Experience

User Experience (UX) design is often conflagrated with interface design and visual or graphic design. Where are Product design and Customer Experience in this Venn diagram of design? To most folks who are not designers, these distinctions are not needed in practical terms; as long as the end product looks good and does the job • Read More »

PX: How Consumers Will Transform Health Care

PX: Patient Experience. Blueprint’s metric for how patients perceive the quality of their relationship with health care providers. As they have with retail, banking, travel, transportation and hospitality… consumers are going to transform health care and PX is the metric we use to gauge how consumers/patients evaluate the quality of their experience with providers, facilities and insurance • Read More »

What Is Customer Support For?

News this week that LivingSocial was firing more than half of its staff, including 120 employees in customer support, was not surprising given the trajectory of deal sites and apps. What was surprising – and disappointing – were the comments of the company’s CEO that he was eliminating positions which weren’t directly tied to generating • Read More »

Customer Advocacy and the Science of Emotion

I spent yesterday at advocamp, a really fun, educational and interesting event aimed at marketers who want to market products, and engage with customers, differently than the traditional ways – including through advocacy. As a raging customer advocate, I’m always interested in seeing how different disciplines approach their core work from an advocacy perspective. I spoke • Read More »

Why CX Matters

In the world of customer experience (CX), empathy matters. Understanding your customers’ wants, needs and emotions, and relating those to their behavior, is critical. What makes true CX practitioners unique is an ability – with little context – to nearly instantly empathize with a customer.  Clients have often remarked how quickly I can step out • Read More »