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The Golden Age of Real-Time BI

This week has me thinking that we are arriving at the start of a golden age of real time BI. A few short years ago, the analytics tools I design and my team builds would have been nearly impossible – or prohibitively expensive – to build. But with the emergency of Storm and Spark (both • Read More »

Machine Learning: How Does A Machine Learn?

In the first part of our Machine Learning series, we illustrated the broad concept of machine learning by taking a little bit of Twitter, mixing it with some machine learning goodness and creating a web application that, based upon the user’s personal tweets, recommends Twitter accounts the user should follow. What sort of machine learning wizardry • Read More »

Customer Advocacy and the Science of Emotion

I spent yesterday at advocamp, a really fun, educational and interesting event aimed at marketers who want to market products, and engage with customers, differently than the traditional ways – including through advocacy. As a raging customer advocate, I’m always interested in seeing how different disciplines approach their core work from an advocacy perspective. I spoke • Read More »