Blueprint Consulting Services Sends Director to Speak at SAP HYBRIS User Group Conference and Attend the Digital Summit in India

Ananth Veluturi, Blueprint’s Director of Global Digital E-commerce, had the opportunity to speak at the SAP Hybris User Group Conference in San Francisco. Clients who visited the group conference included Chevron, O.C Tanner, Levis, and Rent-A-Center. The goal of the meeting was to bring together all existing clients who use Hybris Digital Commerce platform for their business and to discuss best practices, problems and lessons learned on how to use the product better.


Veluturi’s presentation shared the best practices on migration strategies and approach of how to use the Hybris platform, and identify the steps considered to upgrade the platform, what should be bundled with the upgrade, and how the upgrade will improve Business, Marketing, and Customer Service teams. The presentation was with SAP’s Director of Customer Experience.


“I felt grateful to be able to attend and speak in front many existing SAP Hybris customers at the SAP Hybris User group conference,” says Veluturi. “The conference gave me the ability to represent and showcase Blueprint’s capabilities and network with prospective clients.”


In mid-December 2016, Veluturi also had the opportunity to travel to Visakhapatnam, India for the Digital Summit India conference. The conference’s main objective was to discuss how to groom local talent, deploy them in cutting-edge technologies, and explore offshore partnerships. All the attendees visited shores of Vishakhapatnam, which is also known as “Digital Valley.” There, he was able to network with Govt. of India officials, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs, and Fortune Top-100 senior executives that included SanDisk, Lenovo and DuPont.


In addition to attending the summit, Ananth Veluturi visited remote villages donating study supplies to underprivileged kids and providing footwear and clothes to senior citizens. Veluturi describes this outreach as a heartfelt gratification and memorable experience.


“Overall I had the best time in India and felt fortunate to represent one of the best companies in the Pacific Northwest.”



Ananth joined Blueprint in 2016 as a Director in Digital Global E-Commerce. To connect with Ananth and learn more about the next big thing in E-Commerce, email

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