Passion, Discipline, and Rocket Fuel

I recently had the amazing opportunity to tour a local aerospace facility and got to see how they make rockets.  It was such an incredible experience and opened my mind up to the vastness of opportunities that the average person doesn’t explore.  Much of what we learned is covered under a non-disclosure agreement and I • Read More »

What PSBJ’s Fastest-Growing 100 Companies Award Means to BPCS

It doesn’t take much to get Team Blueprint excited; we’re a lively bunch.  As we come into the fall season however, there’s an energy at our company that’s electric.  Not because we’re looking forward to the Seahawks’ mid-season domination, the Mariners’ playoff contention (sorry, doesn’t happen often so I have to mention it), or the • Read More »

Productive Leaders

The Challenge of Leadership As every leader knows, the transition from individual contributor to leader – whether you’re promoted within a company or you’ve started your own business – comes with a unique set of challenges. Chief among them: Maintain how productive you used to be. Talent and experience help us become critical or influential contributors • Read More »

President’s Note on Fastest-Growing Private Company Award

You guys are amazing. You’ve done such a phenomenal job in the past three years making a positive impact on our clients and each other. Being awarded the #1 PSBJ Fastest-Growing Eastside business is a direct reflection on the hard work and dedication you have all taken to execute at a high level and take • Read More »

Adversity and Excellence

At Blueprint, we do something that seems a little contradictory. We encourage our team to be uncomfortable. We embrace, rather than run from, adversity. We do this because we believe that taking risks and overcoming obstacles results in better work, more creative minds and more resilient people. We know how much more rewarding a victory • Read More »