The Barstool Reverie

The barstool even looks like an island. It stands alone, together with its’ siblings, in a row then around a bend like an archipelago. The barstool is a stationary vehicle. Climb on up and find yourself sliding away from the morning’s status meeting and escaping the oncoming pressure of the evening business. You are safely • Read More »

The Business Case For Apache Beam

You’ve just learned about a new streaming data processing technology that would solve many of the technical challenges you are experiencing within your organization today. Unfortunately, it would require significant time and budget to integrate and operationalize within your current solution. Enter Apache Beam. According to the main website, “Apache Beam provides an advanced unified programming • Read More »

Blueprint Consulting Services Promotes Robert Heintz to Managing Director

 BELLEVUE, WA., (MAY 3, 2017) – – Blueprint Consulting Services, a nationwide technical consulting firm that specializes in connecting strategy and delivery, recently announced the promotion of Robert Heintz as Managing Director. Robert Heintz was promoted to Managing Director of Solution Delivery. Heintz brings over a decade in senior oversight in the fields of technology • Read More »

How Pride Fuels Engagement In The Workplace

With pride, comes great responsibility. To be truly proud of something you must have something you’re passionate about evangelizing, sharing, and even defending. At Blueprint Consulting Services, we’ve declared our core values around building something that all employees should be proud to be a part of and feel accountable contributing to. A place where individuals • Read More »