Productive Leaders

The Challenge of Leadership As every leader knows, the transition from individual contributor to leader – whether you’re promoted within a company or you’ve started your own business – comes with a unique set of challenges. Chief among them: Maintain how productive you used to be. Talent and experience help us become critical or influential contributors • Read More »

President’s Note on Fastest-Growing Private Company Award

You guys are amazing. You’ve done such a phenomenal job in the past three years making a positive impact on our clients and each other. Being awarded the #1 PSBJ Fastest-Growing Eastside business is a direct reflection on the hard work and dedication you have all taken to execute at a high level and take • Read More »

Mornings at Blueprint

For many people, 9 a.m. marks the start of their work day, which is preceded by rolling out of bed about an hour before. A slow march of tired-eyed zombies make their way toward the company coffee machine as they trickle into the office. The typical conversation over the magical brew that seems to bring • Read More »