Adversity and Excellence

At Blueprint, we do something that seems a little contradictory. We encourage our team to be uncomfortable. We embrace, rather than run from, adversity. We do this because we believe that taking risks and overcoming obstacles results in better work, more creative minds and more resilient people. We know how much more rewarding a victory • Read More »

What Is Customer Support For?

News this week that LivingSocial was firing more than half of its staff, including 120 employees in customer support, was not surprising given the trajectory of deal sites and apps. What was surprising – and disappointing – were the comments of the company’s CEO that he was eliminating positions which weren’t directly tied to generating • Read More »

Customer Advocacy and the Science of Emotion

I spent yesterday at advocamp, a really fun, educational and interesting event aimed at marketers who want to market products, and engage with customers, differently than the traditional ways – including through advocacy. As a raging customer advocate, I’m always interested in seeing how different disciplines approach their core work from an advocacy perspective. I spoke • Read More »

Customer Experience and the Journey out of Suburbia

Thomas Hallstrom, Blueprint’s Senior SharePoint Consultant, offered up timely insights while moving his family into their ideal home. Thomas is part of Blueprint’s Book Club and has been learning about customer experience and journey mapping.