Why CX Matters

In the world of customer experience (CX), empathy matters. Understanding your customers’ wants, needs and emotions, and relating those to their behavior, is critical. What makes true CX practitioners unique is an ability – with little context – to nearly instantly empathize with a customer.  Clients have often remarked how quickly I can step out • Read More »

Streaming Subscribers = New Measurements

Interesting update: Nielsen, in an attempt to stay relevant, is updating how it measures things. Probably the wrong company trying to catch up too late in the game, but I think it validates my most recent post below – we need a new way to measure digital entertainment. Nielsen store is here. In a fascinating • Read More »

Macy’s Holiday and Mobile CX

If you read my updates, you know I give a lot of thought to the mobile customer experience. Especially for traditional industries (retail, health care, entertainment) where my clients exist. Really interesting article on Macy’s holiday performance. See Forbes article I spent the morning with more brilliant people who are designing great mobile retail experiences, and • Read More »

Why International Matters for Digital Entertainment

Two interesting posts today – Netflix is all in internationally (and its stock skyrocketed), according to Mashable, and I expect most of its growth to come outside the US. Secondly, there’s a soft outlook for the digital hardware producers in the US. Essentially, US consumers are less likely to be replacing existing digital hardware in • Read More »

Mobile Customer Service

Mobile customer service (really, email customer service on a mobile device) is really challenging. That’s why my team was so excited to build a true customer service feature into a mobile application. The features knows how to fix the five most common, highest call-driving issues into customer service (billing, account updates, some technical issues, and some compatability issues). • Read More »