Customers and Airlines

Traveling home from LAX to Missoula, Montana, and reminded once again of how little that the vast majority of US Airlines care about the customer experience. And observing the absolute havoc the airlines have created a few years ago when, in the midst of the recession, they began to charge for everything from change fees • Read More »

Binge Streaming – Disruption?

The New York Times Sunday edition¬†had fascinating article on binge/streaming as some new disruptive tv behavior. What I think the article didn’t focus on enough¬†is that we’re in a transition, that both binge and streaming content consumption like this puts the customer in control even more so than ever (this isn’t totally new: it’s estimated • Read More »

Restaurants and Loyalty

Our team is uncovering some fascinating research on consumers and restaurant loyalty programs. I thought I’d share a bit of the insight. Most of us are probably members of an airline or hotel loyalty program – about 70% of US adults participate in at least one of those. But only 1 in 5 Americans are • Read More »