The Power of Data + Customer Emotions

Just two weeks ago, I wrote about our research into how powerful customer trust is in determining loyalty. I feel as though this is the beginning of a very exciting and powerful conversation about the power emotions play in determining customer behavior. Especially given how challenging it can be to truly measure emotions in a • Read More »

Asessing Customer Service Maturity

One of the great tools in my team’s toolkit is the customer service maturity assessment. It helps our clients determine where they are as a company and as an organization in terms of their commitment to customer service. There are dozens of them around the web; ours is proprietary, but having done three assessments this • Read More »

Is Loyalty A Myth?

As most of you know, Blueprint – Silicon Beach has an incredible research team. We do just about everything related to consumers, behavior, loyalty, the hidden price of negative churn…but lately, a LOT about loyalty for our clients, which include digital entertainment services in a few countries around the world. Naturally, we gather more research • Read More »

Drowning In Data? Getting Analytics Right.

A prospect asked me this morning why I package Blueprint’s analytics capabilities with every proposal I write. “I’m drowning in data already.” I’ve heard that too many times to not stop and reflect on it. Here’s why. First, I believe our data architect and engineering teams are world-class. But more importantly than that, the first • Read More »

Trust Me, It’s About Trust.

We had a vigorous discussion at the CX Summit last week about external methods for asking customers what they think of you, and how that metric translates into meaningful business activity that executives can get behind. I think external services like NPS are great for benchmarking you against your competition and companies you aspire to be • Read More »

We Live In the Space Between Our Customer’s Expectations and Our Product’s Aspirations

I will write more, and more thoughtfully, on a few topics that deserve a deeper discussion…but I wanted to get some thoughts down about a day I spent recently with the customer service and support executives from several fast-growing companies. Took them through two abbreviated journey mapping sessions, and participated on a panel about customer metrics (my favorite topics). • Read More »