Real Journey Mapping: I Threw A Tantrum Today

I threw a tantrum today. Level 10, on my cell phone (talking to no one). Curse words and all. I also smoked a cigarette in a hotel lobby next to a sign that says No Smoking. All in the name of illustrating (for the head of a very lovely hotel chain’s loyalty program) how powerful but simple • Read More »

What’s Customer Service For?

I am somehow speaking twice today to two companies who have both asked me, “what’s customer service for?” It’s actually a great question. But the answer depends on some other questions. What is your company’s highest level business  goals? What are the core customer journeys that will fulfill those goals (discover you, try you, buy • Read More »

The Million Time Phenomenon

If you read my recent post on Starbucks, and the “whatcanigetforyouthismorning” question the employee asked me which I could not understand, you’ve probably run into this phenomenon. Let’s call it the “million times” phenomenon or mtp. It got me to thinking about a post I didn’t write recently, because I attributed my sensitivity to the • Read More »

@Starbucks @Scale

I’m a Starbucks Gold Card member, which means I drink too much really expensive coffee because I like the Starbucks experience. Here’s what we call a challenge “at scale”. The main store I got to at Lincoln and Main is, without exception, fantastic. The two store managers’ pictures are posted by the door (I always • Read More »

Luis Rosas

@Sprint, pay attention. Inexplicably, my beloved Samsung Galaxy Note 4’s charging port broke this morning and it would not consistently take a charge. I know better than to call ANY telco’s customer service (outsourced, overwhelmed, under-empowered, soul-destroying work). I found the closest Sprint store, which opened at 9. The first employee showed up when I • Read More »

Bargain Basement

When I was a boy, my brothers and sisters and I all attended Catholic grade and high schools. I don’t know any of the details, but I can assume that we attended on some scholarship (at least my older brother Patrick and me). Bargain Basement was a second-hand store that Loyola Sacred Heart High School • Read More »

Best. Thank You. Ever.

I rarely (if ever) publish the private messages that I receive after I give speeches or do workshops. But last week, I was not feeling 100% and contemplated canceling a workshop I’d volunteered to do. Being my mother’s son, I got dressed, screwed a smile on my face, drove into downtown LA and had a blast. • Read More »