Microsoft’s SIE Model

In my final two years at Microsoft, I was essentially dropped onto the deck of the Titanic every few months and had to determine if the ship was worth saving or should be sunk. There were businesses throughout the company which had fundamentally broken customer experiences that were threatening their economic health. And often, like • Read More »

The Magical Influence of Chocolate Cell Phones

My job as the supportability program manager in online consumer services was to make it easier for Microsoft’s mammoth customer service organization to support my products (online services like Hotmail). At the time, Hotmail – which had about 400 million active users – was supported by several hundred outsourced customer service reps operating at nine • Read More »

The Wisdom of Dr. Elder

I’ve recently started to write more, and capture some of the amazing experiences I’ve been lucky enough to have over the last two decades. But the most important moment, and the most influential person in my life wasn’t someone in high tech. On July 19th, 2010, I was attending an offsite planning event at Microsoft • Read More »

Introducing Blueprint Consulting To Southern California

I spent a few days this week in Seattle (Bellevue, actually) meeting with the owners of Blueprint Consulting Services, a Bellevue-based firm focusing on organizational transformation through strategy, technology and people. i’ve been weighing my career options since leaving Hulu’s executive team a few weeks ago. I am fortunate to have a few options: accept • Read More »

Customers Are Alike All Over…Right?

The most interesting thing to happen in March was a fascinating opportunity to do some work in the Middle East, helping a large company define its customer service strategy. I won’t go into a ton of specific details, as we’re early in the experience, but I wanted to share a couple of insights. 1. You can’t help • Read More »

Most Enjoyable Consulting Challenge So Far

I had the opportunity to contribute to the “Beyond NPS” research for iiNet, Australia’s second largest ISP. It was just a few hours of research, and a few hours of conversations, but I’m really proud that my expertise and insight made it into the final product that iiNet will be using to drive their customer loyalty • Read More »

The Third Story: Amazon

In 2011, after six incredible years at Microsoft, I felt like I was losing touch with consumers, and I was eager to take what I learned about creating a true customer experience (by bonding together support, engineering, operations and marketing) and see how it would work in a large, very customer-focused company. I was approached by • Read More »

The Second Story: Microsoft

In 2006, after joining Microsoft, I gave a speech called “Learning To Speak A Language I Couldn’t Understand” at a national conference in Seattle, WA. The speech talked about my new job at Microsoft and trying to create great experiences Hotmail’s (then) 400 million customers. Hotmail’s support ecosystem, like many online services at the time at Microsoft, • Read More »

The Fifth Story: CX Architect

After spending seventeen years creating world-class customer experiences for three of the world’s most iconic companies, I’ve struck out on my own for now. While I’m humbled to have left a legacy of customer service innovation at Microsoft, of digital customer experience strategy at Amazon, and of organizational strategy and operations excellence  at Hulu, I’ve • Read More »

The Fourth Story: Hulu

In the spring of 2013, I was approached by recruiters from Hulu and Netflix. Netflix was looking for a director of their North American customer support organization, and Hulu was looking for someone to run all of Customer Support. Although the Netflix opportunity was much bigger in terms of scope and money, the Hulu job • Read More »